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Just like a garden, your pool is affected by all four seasons. That’s why regular, consistent service and maintenance are critical to the safety and beauty of your pool.  McLean Pool & Spa are residential pool experts, and our professional pool technicians have decades of experience handling all types of pool maintenance and service requests. 

Pool Opening Options

Before you can enjoy your pool for the season, it must be professionally prepared for use. In our experience, most pools are too dirty for a thorough cleaning during the pool opening process. McLean Pool and Spa technicians will perform a partial cleaning during the pool opening. A follow-up cleaning visit is recommended 48 – 72 hours after the pool is open, and it usually takes 1 – 2 post-opening cleanings to get your pool sparkling clean and running like new—ready for the warm weather. Follow-up cleanings are an additional charge. For your convenience, we offer three pool opening options:   

Standard Pool Opening 

  • Remove, clean, and store winter pool safety cover
  • Re-assemble the filtration system and start the pump
  • Partially clean pool (follow-up cleaning is recommended at an additional charge)
  • Clean debris around the pool and pool deck 
  • Re-install ladders
  • Analyze water and add chemicals, if necessary (chemicals are an additional charge) 
  • Opening service for spa if spa runs on the pool’s equipment 

Standard Pool Opening Add-Ons

  • Opening service for spa with separate equipment from pool
  • All pool and spa chemicals are an additional charge
  • Additional cleanings 

Drain and Clean Opening

  • Drain pool water from pool
  • Power wash pool (acid wash, if needed)
  • Re-fill pool water (homeowner’s responsibility or McLean Pool and Spa can order water fill-up at an additional cost)
  • Standard Pool Opening

Pool Closing


When you are ready to bid your fun in the sun adieu for the winter, then it’s time to trust McLean Pool & Spa to carefully close and winterize your pool. 

Complete Winterization/Pool Closing

  • Reduce water level
  • Remove leaves and debris from pool
  • Vacuum swimming pool and spa (if applicable)
  • Drain filtration equipment
  • Blow out and plug return lines
  • Winterize skimmers
  • Remove ladders
  • Closing service for spa if spa runs on the pool’s equipment
  • Install pool cover

Complete Winterization/Pool Closing Add-Ons 

  • Closing service for spa with separate equipment from pool
  • All pool and spa winterization chemicals are an additional charge
  • Cleaning of filter grid, filter cartridge, and salt cell
  • Winter Watch Program (two to three visits are recommended)

Pool Cleaning Options


Throughout the season, regular pool cleanings are a vital part of overall pool maintenance. To suit your needs and budget, Mclean Pool and Spa offers three levels of pool cleaning services.  

Weekly cleanings

Never owned a pool before? Use your pool all the time, every day? Too busy and don’t want the hassle of caring for your pool? Regularly scheduled, weekly pool cleanings are the right choice for you. With weekly pool cleanings, McLean Pool and Spa will ensure your pool is always in peak condition. 

Bi-weekly cleanings

For pool owners who don’t mind some pool upkeep but aren’t comfortable with balancing the water or tending to the equipment on a regular basis, McLean Pool and Spa offers a bi-weekly cleaning option. Every other week, one of our highly trained teams will give your pool a careful cleaning, check the water chemistry, and make sure all pool equipment is functioning properly. 

Monthly / On-Demand cleanings

Whether you are hosting a party or special event, your pool needs extra attention after a summer storm, or you just want a deep cleaning, McLean Pool and Spa always has technicians available to come and clean your pool. Simply call the office and one of our professional pool technicians will be scheduled to give your pool that showcase sparkle! 

All McLean Pool and Spa Pool Cleaning Options include the following services:

  • Pool vacuuming
  • Surface water skimming for debris, leaves, etc.
  • Cleaning of all skimmer baskets
  • Clean pump baskets
  • Visually inspect filtration system for leaks
  • Remove debris from pool decks
  • Analyze water and add chemicals if necessary (chemicals are an additional charge).

Winter Watch Program

Avoid the potential damage winter weather can have on your pool and improve the quality of your pool opening by enrolling in McLean Pool and Spa’s Winter Watch Program. We highly recommend at least two to three visits between December and March or at a minimum, one Winter Watch visit before the pool season kicks off. 

Services include:

  • Inspect winter pool cover and anchors, and filtration area
  • Pull back winter cover and remove debris from pool and spa
  • Check and maintain water level in pool and spa
  • Balance water and add algaecide, if necessary