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Beautiful, professional pool renovations start with McLean Pool and Spa

Your pool is an investment in time and money that we know you’d like to keep in peak condition. So when it’s time for a renovation, look no further than McLean Pool and Spa. Our professional team of experienced pool renovation technicians stays current on all the latest trends and innovations including filtrations systems, safety equipment, materials, tiles, fittings, coping, plaster, and much more to ensure your dream pool will become a reality. 

Pool Renovation Services

Pool Renovation Services

Let us transform your tired backyard pool into a tranquil oasis. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing the greater Northern Virginia area with high-quality pool renovations and can introduce you to the latest in pool renovation products and features at our local showroom. Plus, we will have samples of new pool materials such as tiles and coping delivered straight to your door.

Our professional quality renovations include: 

  • Waterline tile replacement: McLean Pool and Spa can replace old, cracked waterline tile around the perimeter of the swimming pool with the latest new tiles that will give your pool a fresh, clean new look, and make your pool the centerpiece of your backyard. 
  • Replacing or resetting coping stones: Replace old and damaged coping stones around the pool perimeter with new stones of your choice or, we can remove and reset your existing coping stones. 
  • Caulking: A high-quality expansion joint with a polyurethane sealant on top is critical to protecting the integrity of your pool. We can replace or repair cracked or peeling caulk, which will protect your pool from ground freeze damage, as well as help keep water out of the areas between the coping and the deck, which can freeze and crack both the coping and concrete during winter. 
  • Plastering: If your pool surface feels rough under your feet; small cracks are appearing in the plaster; or the plaster just looks stained and old—it’s time for new plaster. McLean Pool and Spa will inspect your pool’s interior surface and determine if cleaning, patching, or a complete re- plaster is needed to restore the interior beauty and integrity of your swimming pool. We can install standard white plaster and offer color quartz and pebble finishes.
  • Decking:  Whether you just need individual pads or your entire deck replaced, McLean Pool and Spa can help.  Depending on your preference, we are experts at installing pavers or a smooth brush finish to ensure your finished deck reflects your taste and budget.
  • Water Features: Looking to add a bit of pizzazz and charm around your pool, or interested in a fun water feature for in your pool? Look no further. McLean Pool and Spa are experts at installing all types of fountains, spillways, and water features, including lights, in pools and spas.