All Your Pool and Spa Service Needs In One Place

In addition to our high-quality pool repair, maintenance, and renovation services, McLean Pool and Spa also offers additional pool, spa, and hot tub services designed to meet your every need. Whether you’re worried your pool has sprung a leak, you need a new pool cover, or you are looking for instruction on how to use your new pool, our knowledgeable, professional technicians are here to help. 

Leak Detection

Due to regular freeze/thaw periods during winter months, leaks are one of the biggest concerns and problems with pools in the mid-Atlantic area. To determine if your pool has leak issues, McLean Pool and Spa technicians will come to your home and run a pressure test on each line in the system. If pressure leaks are found, we will then use specialized equipment to find the exact location of the leak. This service is diagnostic only; once leaks have been found, an estimate for repairs will be provided to the homeowner. 

Pool Covers

McLean Pool and Spa aren’t just experts at pool repair and maintenance; we’re also pool cover experts. We can install an automatic pool or winter pool cover, service existing covers, and are happy to provide a free estimate on the installation of a mesh or solid winter cover. 

Pool Cover Options include:    

Loop-Loc Covers:

Loop-Loc are the premier winter pool covers, proven to safely protect your pool over-winter, as well as bear the weight of average adults, children, and pets. Installed seasonally when you close your pool, Loop-Loc covers can be made of mesh or solid fabric and are anchored with spring hooks around the perimeter of the pool.

For enhanced child-safety, Loop-Loc also makes a removable pool fence called Baby-Loc to keep children and tots safely locked out of the pool area without adult supervision.

Call us for an estimate for a Loop-Loc cover or Baby-Loc fence. 


Automatic Pool Covers:

Permanently attached to the pool, automatic pool covers are on tracks under the coping, and open/close electronically to keep pools clean and free of debris. Automatic covers also provide a safety feature against dogs or small children accidentally falling into the pool. Ideal for rectangular or square pools, automatic covers create a sleek, modern look on the pool when closed.

Call us to learn more about the right pool cover for you.


Pool Inspections

If you plan to sell or buy a home with a pool in the next six months, a pool inspection report can help ensure your sale process goes smoothly, and there are no surprises when you go to use your new pool for the first time. We work with many of the leading real estate companies in the area to provide detailed pool inspection reports for both buyers and sellers. These reports include critical information on the condition of the pool’s structure, filtration, heating systems, and mechanical equipment as well as budgets for recommended repairs / renovations.

Pool Orientations

You’re a new pool owner—congratulations!  Now the fun begins…learning how to care for and maintain your new investment. McLean Pool and Spa provides friendly, quick pool orientations for new pool owners designed to explain all the critical systems and maintenance needs including pumps, filtration, cleaning, skimming, and more. 

Spa and Hot Tub Services

Whether your spa is in-ground and attached to your pool or you have an above-ground, free-standing hot tub, our cleaning services are available seasonally and year-round, on a regularly scheduled basis, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We also provide professional spa / hot tub repair services and can help you address repair issues with your equipment, filtration systems, and more. Our spa and hot tub cleaning services include:

  • Spa / hot tub vacuuming
  • Surface water skimming for debris and leaves
  • Clean skimmer and filter
  • Visually inspect filtration system of leaks
  • Analyze and balance water (chemicals are an additional charge) 

Drain and Clean Opening

  • Drain pool water from spa / hot tub
  • Clean spa / hot tub surface
  • Re-fill spa / hot tub with water (homeowner’s responsibility)
  • Start- up spa / hot tub